πŸ€– Hologram Shader Breakdown (RTVFX Sketch 18)


Here are some notes on my entry for the 18th RTVFX Sketch (ended up 2nd! πŸ₯ˆ) The theme was hologram.


The particles were made with a custom GPU particles system, using compute shaders to update them and geometry shaders for rendering.

In the geometry shader for each point in the buffer I create a bunch of new line strips (using LineStreams) that are offsetted a bit randomly to give this blurry/fuzzy look. Some of them connect the vertices to the β€œcylinder”, which is faked by clamping the x and z position of each line end vertex.

The particles buffer is rendered using Graphics.DrawProcedural (with MeshTopology.Points).

I made it work for SkinnedMeshRenderers aswell, by baking the mesh each frame and sending the vertices to the compute shader (with SkinnedMeshRenderer.BakeMesh())

You can see the work in progress on the RTVFX thread here.

And the final result: